My Orthodox Matching Game

My Orthodox Matching Game

Help your child understand the Faith through play with My Orthodox Matching Game! The images on the cards are of things that children would likely see or do at Divine Liturgy. It can help your child think about their experiences in the church while at home. Asking children about the images can lead to discussions about how or why we do what we do during the Divine Liturgy.


Included are instructions for other games to play with the cards. The games work on literacy skills as well as ways to make the game more challenging for older children. There are also instructions on how to use this game in a classroom setting.

**Children making the Sign of the Cross are depicted as a mirror image so that young children can easily copy the action on the card with the proper hand.**

Age: 3+
Number of Cards: 40
Dimensions of Each Card: L 2.5″ x W 2.5″
Materials: Same materials used in our board books. Each card is about the thickness of a dime.