Icon Magnets

icon magnet 2

Do you ever wonder what to do with the weekly bulletins you get at church?  They have beautiful Icons on them and I feel weird about throwing them away.  Do you throw it in the trash, recycle it or burn it?  My crafty brain is always thinking about how to make something, so let’s repurpose it!!

I got a set of magnets of the Resurrection from a Protestant site.  It is cartoon characters and it’s very nice.  I got it to help my children understand the events of Christ’s Resurrection.  Toddlers & preschoolers LOVE to be able to retell a story using props, because it helps them understand the actions of the story.  (It would be perfect if you are teaching young ones for Church School.)

While the magnet set is very nice, I wanted one that was more Orthodox.  So, I took my weekly bulletins and adhered them to a magnet I got for free.  I have so many magnets with advertisements and always save them, because I know I will find a craft for them.  🙂


Bulletins from church or icons from a magazine
Roller adhesive – Get the one with permanent glue
Flat magnets – like the ones you get for free from companies

Cost: Possibly FREE, The adhesive would be the only cost if you don’t have some already.  It’s around $2-3.


1. Cut out the part of the icon you want to mount on the magnet.  Do not worry about cutting it nicely or perfectly.  You want to cut around it, like a blob shape.

2. Take the roller adhesive and cover the entire back of the icon.  Pay close attention to where the edges of where you will cut to refine the shape of your icon.

icon magnet glue

3. Press the icon down onto the magnet.  I like to start in the center and push my hand out to the edges to make sure it is locked down.

icon magnet push down

4. Cut the icon.  It is best to cut slightly in on the paper so you don’t see the icon on the edges.

completed magnet

5. OPTIONAL: Cover the icon in a clear-coat to protect it – either a spray of clear-coat or modge-podge.  Either will do.  Or laminate the icon first before gluing it to the magnet.

6. Enjoy your beautiful magnet!!

Did you make an icon magnet?  Share your story with us!