Annunciation Craft

Here is a craft for the Annunciation that you can do with children in preschool through 5th grade. Gabriel will appear to the Theotokos to tell her the good news!


  • paper plates
  • icon printed, preferably on card stock so the paper is stiffer
  • stapler
  • sewing needle and extra strong thread
  • glue stick
  • markers, crayons or colored pencils to color the icon


1. Print out the icon of the Annunciation on card stock. I got the line drawing from this link: Annunciation Coloring Page. It is on the right side.

I only had smaller paper plates so I put the icon into a Word document and made it so 4 would print off on a page. I would have the children color the icon at this point because it will be a lot easier to do so before it is cut.


2. Take 2 paper plates. Cut one in half just below the middle. Staple the cut plate on top of the whole plate.


3. Glue the Theotokos on top of the cut paper plate. Put her off to the side a little bit, just like in my finished craft picture at the beginning of this activity.

5. Using the needle and thread put the thread through the head of Gabriel. Tie the thread a few times to make a big knot.

It’s hard to see in the picture but I in the picture below I taped down the tail so you won’t see it when looking at the icon.


6. Put the needle through the top of the plate and make several knots in order to make one big knot. I left a loop there to make it more secure. You don’t want the thread to fall out of this hole.


7. When you pull the thread on the back of the plate the angel will rise from behind the plate to make his announcement to the Theotokos.


8. Now your children can reenact the story of the Annunciation and make Gabriel appear to the Theotokos to make his very important announcement!


Did you try out this craft? Please post pictures of it on our Facebook page!! I’d love to see it.