Icon Magnets

icon magnet 2

Do you ever wonder what to do with the weekly bulletins you get at church?  They have beautiful Icons on them and I feel weird about throwing them away.  Do you throw it in the trash, recycle it or burn it?  My crafty brain is always thinking about how to make something, so let’s repurpose it!! (more…)

Studying God’s Creation: Ants

RiGBxB6iL Have you ever watched ants?  Like, really watched them up close?  They are amazing little creatures!  If you’ve never observed them before or if it’s been awhile, take a moment to stop and watch the ants.  They’ll amaze  you!  My appreciation of ants began when my preschooler has developed a fear of bugs.  Even tiny gnats make her very upset.  Today on the show, Magic School Bus, the teacher takes the kids on an adventure in an ant hill.  This got me thinking….why don’t we study ants ourselves?!  Maybe if she finds them interesting, she will not fear them. (more…)